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About Us

Every city has its own taste, but our favorite is the taste of Tbilisi – diverse, unique, eclectic, both old and modern, and always memorable. 


That is why, since 2019, with the support of Tbilisi City Hall, we have been creating a world full of diverse tastes of our city. At our markets, hand-picked restaurants and chefs offer exceptional culinary experiences. 


An open space, green park, fresh air, happy people - this is a place that unites us all with our love for each other and, above all, our love for food. 


Street Food Market brings together the old and young who want to take a breath of fresh air, unwind, have fun and share happiness with their friends, neighbors, and family members. Here, you will definitely find what you love - be it food, drink, music, games for kids, unique hand-made items, and most importantly, positive emotions. 


We are passionate about introducing Tbilisi gastronomy to the world, inspiring new culinary ideas, and spreading happiness and love of food.


That is why we always keep our eyes open for exceptional dishes, culinary talents, the best restaurants, the most comfortable spaces. Every year we create a magical, colorful, loving environment in different parts of the city.


Come to discover the tastes of Tbilisi, hang out with friends, and savor yet unfamiliar culinary experiences.


Join us! And let’s create a street food market experience that will stick with you forever.   

Download our videos, photos and logo.

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